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The positive effect
of European Green Cities

Urbanisation and climate change call for new solutions to maintain and improve the quality of life in our cities. Public green space has a positive effect on biodiversity, climate, wellness and air quality. This impact ensures that cities are becoming better places to live and work. ‘Green Cities for a Sustainable Europe´ is a platform that encourages the greening of public spaces by providing innovative ideas, information based on scientific research, and technical expertise. Its activities address certain themes: health, climate, the economy, biodiversity and social cohesion.


Green Cities for a Sustainable Europe was launched by the ENA (European Nurserystock Association) and nursery organisations in Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, England, France, Germany and The Netherlands.

The project, the message, its goal and activities

In the middle of the current century, 70% of the world’s population will be living in urban areas. Today, many urban areas are already suffering from the negative effects of climate change as well as other negative consequences such as undermined social cohesion. Around 2050 the negative consequences of climate change on living conditions will be dramatic, due to higher temperature, more frequent and excessive rainfall with consequential flooding, more widespread and excessive drought etc.

Parks with trees, shrubs, water basins and recreational areas as well as more extended forest lands surrounding urban centers will mitigate the consequences of climate change in urban areas, heath, weather, biodiversity, health and will also play a positive role in social cohesion.

It is for this reason that the European Nurserystock Association and its members, the nursery stock growers and trader’s national organisations, launched this campaign with the slogan ‘Green Cities for a sustainable Europe’. Seven countries with a collective market share in this sector of over 70% are participating in this programme, whereas many more will benefit.

National and regional governments, city councils and recreational boards are already aware of the dangers of climate change. In many cases, however, there is not enough accessible knowledge or scientific backing available to convince decision-makers that mitigation of the negative consequences of climate change is one of the most crucial issues when developing new housing projects and improving living conditions in existing projects and older cities.

The project ‘Green cities for a sustainable Europe’ aims to help the professionals that play a decisive role in city planning and landscape planning and is not directed to the general public. The project will provide tools and technical background for decision-makers and politicians to communicate this message of green cities for a sustainable Europe to the citizens they serve. The main method will be a series of congresses, seminars and B2B meetings, an extended website, PR activities and the installation of a European Green Cities Award.

The main goal is to increase awareness of this important issue.

In short:

  • Proposing organisation: ENA – European Nurserystock Association, seated in Belgium
  • Target countries: Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom
  • Approval Year: 2017
  • Duration: January 1, 2018 – December 31, 2020



Green Cities UK parliamentary launch London, England

The UK launch of Green Cities is kindly being hosted by Mr Peter Aldous MP in the House of Commons on the afternoon of Monday 10 December.

This prestigious event will include short speeches from senior local leaders as well as an overview of the Green Cities events that will be held across the UK between now and the end of 2020. Green Cit


Conference with politicians Christiansborg, Copenhagen

Byggeri eller bynatur?

Hvad skal kvadratmeterne i byerne bruges til – og hvordan får vi flere grønne områder og mere natur ind i byen? Det er blot nogle af de spørgsmål, der søges svar på ved en konference med fagprofessionelle og politikere på Christiansborg 9. januar 2019.

Læs mere om konfer

18.01.2019 - 20.01.2019

General Assembly Danish Landscapers, Aarhus

Nyt og anderledes program ved Landsgeneralforsamling.
Der er fyldt på med spændende indhold, når Danske Anlægsgartnere og Jysk Kreds afholder deres ordinære landsgeneralforsamling 18.- 20. januar 2019, idet generalforsamlingen afholdes på lidt en anden måde, end den plejer.

Ved generalforsamlingen, der denne


“Grüne Städte”-Seminar IPM ESSEN IPM, Essen, Germany

Nach dem gelungenen Seminar-Auftakt auf der GaLaBau Nürnberg 2018 findet am Mittwoch, 23.1.2019 von 10:30 - 12:30 Uhr auf der IPM ESSEN das nächste Seminar im Rahmen der EU-geförderten BdB-Kampagne "Grüne Städte für ein nachhaltiges Europa" statt.

Das Thema lautet diesmal "Stadtgrün im Klimawandel" und findet in Zu


Congres Building Green, Smart and Healthy Den Haag

Meetbare effecten van groen

gezondheid | welbevinden | waterretentie | hittestress | luchtkwaliteit

op 31 januari 2019 vindt het congres ‘Building Green, Smart and Healthy’ plaats in Den Haag. Deze dag staat in het teken van de meetbare bijdrage van groen aan belangrijk

The positive effect of green living.

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