Not only are trees and plants wonderful to look at in a city, a green view is so much more than just decoration. A green environment improves the quality of life. Patients recover much faster in a green environment, residents of green neighbourhoods make less use of healthcare facilities, and employees of companies surrounded by green feel much happier. In addition, a city park will encourage people to exercise and relax there, which will impr...

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Green fighting climate change

Green trees and plants will prevent atmospheric damage, both on a global and on a local scale. Climate change will cause extreme heat and drought, alternated with excessive rainfall. This will make high demands on the urban environment. Trees and plants in a city can provide a cooling effect in case of a heat wave.

In the case of extreme rainfall, a planted soil will have a better water storage cap...

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Green will keep the urban economy healthy

For managers and officials wondering if the proceeds of an investment in urban nature can outweigh the inevitable costs, a calculation model has been developed by order of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. ‘TEEB-Stad’ (The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity in the city) is an analytical tool, based on a social cost-benefit analysis. It gives a better insight in the results of measure...

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Biodiversity represents the degree of the variety of plants and animals. The various species on our earth keep nature balanced. Many different plants, trees and shrubs in the city will stimulate biodiversity. The more variation in vegetation, the more variation in the animal life it will attract.

A wide range of pollinating insects and many different plants will be a food source for birds and other animals. Pollinating insects are an im...

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Social Cohesion

People grow green en green makes people grow

A green environment actively contributes to the quality of life. People are happier and feel better in green surroundings. Besides, green places like parks and public gardens invite social interaction and exercise. People meet each other for a chat in a park, or join hands to maintain a green playground in the neighbourhood.
Finally, research has shown that the presence of green plant...

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